USA Entertainment Ventures, LLC dba Mobile Hwy Advertising provides PPE Equipment, Covid19 Rapid Antibody Test kits, in addition to being a cost-effective nationwide advertising medium using semi tractor-trailer wind skirts. These eco-friendly wind skirts have a fuel-saving range of 6-9%. We have 81,000 trucks/trailers in network and 3,000 Master Certified Installers in 50 plus nationwide service centers.

Core Competencies

  • Covid19 Rapid Antibody Test Kits Supplies
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplies
  • Vehicle Graphics & Wraps
  • LED Truck Advertising
  • Windskirt Advertising
  • Multi Media Advertising
  • Installation Services
  • Full Tractor Trailer Graphics


  • •81,000 Trucks/Trailers in Network
  • •3,000 Master Certified Installers
  • •50 Plus Nationwide Service Centers
  • •Two Printing Plants
  • •Reaching the Top 250 DMA’s
  • •Smart Count, GPS POP Tracking and Reporting
  • •Daily Inspections
  • •Eye Level CPM Under $1.00 The lower sides of semi tractor-trailers offer advertisers "Wind
  • Skirts" 30 inches by 22-foot eye-level billboards. Full Tractor Trailer Graphics are available for Corporate or Advertisers.

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